Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're Back!!!!

We are back!!! HOLY COW, i've waited way to long to update all the new changes in the Harrison household! We have been doing great and have a lot of exciting happenings going on around here... like Nick graduating!!!! Yes that's right folks, he is finished with his degree in Finance and minor in Accounting! I'm uber impressed and so proud of him!

Nick is taking the horse by the rains. No seriously he accepted a job at wells fargo financial and is now the newest credit manager in town!! He's really doing great at it too!

Lexie girl got fixed awhile back! When we picked this poor girl up from the vet they told us she is "one of those kinda dogs who is just Wo is Me" apparently as soon as they put the cone on her she wouldnt move, she just stayed exactly in this position you see here! haha She is a hoot! But really though... when you get your girly parts taken out who wouldnt be "wo is me"!

After she started feeling better she had no problems getting back to her usualy "flirty" self. She and the boyfriend can often be found cuddling... i can't decide whether its cute or she is just a hussy! :)

Nick's masterpiece! Along with being the best loan guy in town (my opinion at least) he is also pretty handy in the kitchen! Those are from scratch folks... enough said!

Another Nick masterpiece! Valentines day dinner! Roses, chicken parmesean and heart shaped dinner rolls! I love him!

After complaining to friends that I have no tangible talents ;) I decided to get fancy and bake Nick a birthday suprise!!! Check out this most fabulous cake... honestly this was the best cake i have ever tasted! And super easy!

Yes those are kit kats around the outside!! Doesnt get much better than that!

The Big 25!!!! Dang babe your getting old!

Topped with tons of fruit! To aide in feeling a little less guilty while consuming this choco-holic delight!

As for me, i've been rocking out the semester and have officially finished my first year of clinical nursing school! Lets just say while hard, stressful, long, and tiresome I absolutely loved it!!! I was able to see two precious babies come into the world during my OB rotation. And developed relationships with about 15 of the coolest girls i've ever met in our Psychiatric rotation! It doesnt get much better than that!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

WARNING: Extremely Lazy Blogger!!!!

Dear blog, im sorry i've ignored you. School has been crazy and i'm so behind i dont know where to begin! One more week of crazy tests and projects and im done for the summer! Until then... see you in one week!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Time flies when your having fun!

Well what have we been up to? Lots of summer fun! Here is a recap of the last month or so!

Lexie, our very cute, very spoiled pooch, got pretty sick this last month. After a few trips to the vet and a very not so cute vet bill, they figured out that she had a parasite that was making her stomach very upset ALL THE TIME! Poor girl. She got very skinny (not a very fun diet), but now she is better and back to normal.
We were able to go to California to visit family and attend Abby's (our niece) baptism. It was a lot of fun to be with family and be there for her fun day. This is us with her following her baptism! She looks so pretty in her white dress.

This little bundle of joy is Ryan. He is incredibly tough. I love this pic of him... hes getting out of the water from fully jumping in the hot tub and loving it!

This pic is so Tyler! I caught him mid sentence telling a story while chillaxin in the hot tub. He is a very chill, story telling kid. Love them!!!

While in California, Janet (awesome Mom in law) treated us to a weekend in San Diego. Our anniversary was only a few weeks away so it was very exciting to be there again! It was fun to be with family in our Favorite city too, we went to the beach and swimming at our incredible hotel! No this is not just a pic of us in a parking lot, but us in a parking lot with the TEMPLE in the background!

For our anniversay, Nicholas suprised me with a weekend getaway! I had no clue of any of the events or even where we were going for the weekend. I was taking a pretty intense summer course every day from 8-5 for two weeks, so the time away was just perfect. He took us to a great hotel, planned shopping (what a guy!), and got us two tickets to my very coveted broadway show of WICKED!!! Can I just say that I LOVED IT!!! What a great show.

We werent able to fit in dinner before the show, and due to the length all restaurants were closed when we got out. So... in memory of our honeymoon, we had pizza and hot wings delivered to our room. We did this one evening on our honeymoon from an unknown pizza place in San Diego. Needless to say we had disgusting pizza and chicken wings that would have given us food poisoning had we eaten them. haha... however this year we ordered pizza from a trusted source and enjoyed it very much! Nick did a great job and we had the most wonderful, ever so relaxing anniversary! Great job babe!

And as you can see our lexie girl is turning into miss sexy lexie! Due to the above mentioned, ever so hateful parasite, she is skinny, and still growing with her long legs. Basically now, she is looks like a model, in the dog form. And yes that is paper that she found, and ripped up and then looks up with those puppy dog eyes as if to say... who me? Note to self: Keep homework hidden from this girl!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where my girls at?

3 cheers for GIRLS CAMP! Now that im working with the young women, i was able to attend this years girls camp! I must say i had a GREAT time! Our girls are pretty awesome, and i was able to get to know them a lot better. These are a few of the pictures that sum up our wonderful week. The stake did a fantastic job putting all of the events together! I'm one lucky girl to be involved in such a wonderful program.
The theme this year was the road less traveled! After this week, i really realized how we do take the road less traveled and sometimes its very challenging, especially for these young girls. They are such an example to me by how much strength they have, and how they let their lights shine in everything they do! These girls truly do take the road less traveled, and it really has and will make all the difference!
This is me with my gangsta girls! Our laurels were off doing WCL duties so we got the rest of our girls to take a much needed gangsta picture! I absolutely love it!

This would have been so cute had it not been for the glare! However it has our ward all together. All our girls at girls camp and Sister Neely and I too!

Kate looks like she is doing something out of the Matrix!

Our lovely, amazing Laurels! Seriously though, im amazed with these girls!

The newest member of the clan, Kate, and Sis. Neely.

Heather posing for the cabin shot! I must give a shout out for whoever decided to put us in Air Conditioned cabins. It makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. After all, it is reaching the hundreds now!
All in all we had a great week learning, growing, bonding, truth and daring, rafting, sweating ;), crafting, swimming, and much much more! I'm so excited to continue growing in my new calling with these great girls!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wow! We need an update!

Hello again!!! Can you say no update since Valentine's day! Well i'll give you a quick recap to catch you up to the present!

*March* My Birthday Hello! It was a wonderful Birthday filled with more cheesy romance and friends and family! Nicholas let me go shopping (my favorite birthday tradition) and spend probably too much money. What can i say my hubby spoils me! I absolutely love birthdays, its the one time a year that is absolutely "your day"! Lots of phone calls, texts, treats, brownies (in my case), presents etc. Also a Sullivan tradition (probably pretty common) is that we pick where we want to eat on our birthday, or which meal we would like prepared for us. I actually talked Nick into taking me to Sushi House (to die for). He hates sushi so you can imagine my excitement. Brad and Whit came too! It was a good day! --- Also, My little bro- in-law received his fabulous, much awaited mission call! Can you say we have a Russian in our family! Yeah Ben! Moscow Russia is sure lucky to have this amazing new Elder!
~April~ More birthdays!!! I'll give a shout out to My madre (absolutely the best mom on the earth...) and my little sis (the coolest chick in town)! Happy birthday to them both! Oh and we won a new car! (April fools ;)

{May} May was crazy! But so much fun! Nicholas had his 24th birthday (youch)! Yet he seems to get cuter every year...lucky guy or should i say im a lucky girl! Mothers day was fabulous, we got to see my madre and Nicholas' Madre! We are lucky to live so close to both our parents! Holiday sure are fun! And Nick's whole family came into town (except for Brian, Abby, Tyler and Ryan who were sure missed!) It was such a great weekend, we were able able to go to the temple to be with Ben and then able to listen to his farewell talk the following Sunday! What a fabulous time with fabulous people and memories. Oh and i got a new calling. I'm sure going to miss my primary kiddos, but now im working with the young women! What a wonderful time its going to be! So excited!

This is a pic from Ben's Farewell. He did an amazing job. (Left: Dad H, Jonathon, Chelsea, Ben, Amelia, Mom H, Elle Belle (cutest baby ever), Mathew, Monica, ME, and Nick)June: June we moved into our new apartment. Just moved a few blocks away, but with some major advantages. 1. Nick is able to be living where he works (he manages the apartments) 2. Dishwasher (oh how i have missed this) 3. WASHER AND DRYER (how we lived without one for a year i have no idea!) And we have a new announcement! We got the most adorable puppy! She is a miniature Australian Shepherd and her name is Lexie. She has been so much fun these past few days.

Look how cute!!! Both of them ;)

The gang: This is at about 11:00 after we all went to get her. Whit, Brad, Morgan (my little sis), Kiah (her mini australian shep), me, Lexie and Nick.

Family photo haha

Monday, February 16, 2009

OOOOoohhh LLaaa LLLLLAAAaaa!!!

February 14 has special meaning around this house...

Two years ago on the infamous "day of love" Nicholas and I started "going steady" hehe.

365 days later, Nicholas decided that we needed a few more years together... well actually forever together, and he proposed.

What does Valentines day bring us this year....

Well lots more "cheesy" romance of course.... What else?

I woke up to the beautiful sound of sizzling bacon. Which tasted o so great cooked by my ever so "cheesy", most amazing Valentine. Yes friends... that is a heart made out of bacon! Go ahead and say it... "he's good"! Not to mention the Chocolate chip, heart shaped pancakes he made. It was even all his idea. He is just SOooo cute!

Nicholas suprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a HUGE Valentines day balloon. Which you can see behind us in the picture above. He is the best Valentine ever!
I suprised Nicholas with the chair you see below. You might be asking where is the romance in that? Well the poor boy sits in the office all evening studying and has nothing for his cute little toosh (sp?) to sit on (at least sit on comfortably) so i decided to get him a nice desk chair that he has really been wanting

The not so lovely chair that he had to sit on for hours at a time. Poor guy puts a pillow to keep his cute little behind comfy! hehe... He loved the upgrade!

What a great "Day of Love"!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Wii Do...

Just a little update...

As Nick and I ponder on where the time has gone, and why we didnt get any studying done this weekend, or seem to never get any studying done on most weekends, it can be attributed to a few things...
1. Our love of our weekends to be stress free (really we always have school in the back of our mind)

2. How the world turns faster beginning Friday evening at 5:00 and lasting until Sunday evening around 10:00pm
3. Our need to play games... yes the games that tend to last and when they are through we just start a different game. One of our favorites... the Wii. I mean who wouldnt want to spend their precious valuable time hitting a pretend punching bag for 30 seconds trying to see how many bags you can destroy. I mean come on... we are attempting to "become grown-ups"... we are not quite there yet.