Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're Back!!!!

We are back!!! HOLY COW, i've waited way to long to update all the new changes in the Harrison household! We have been doing great and have a lot of exciting happenings going on around here... like Nick graduating!!!! Yes that's right folks, he is finished with his degree in Finance and minor in Accounting! I'm uber impressed and so proud of him!

Nick is taking the horse by the rains. No seriously he accepted a job at wells fargo financial and is now the newest credit manager in town!! He's really doing great at it too!

Lexie girl got fixed awhile back! When we picked this poor girl up from the vet they told us she is "one of those kinda dogs who is just Wo is Me" apparently as soon as they put the cone on her she wouldnt move, she just stayed exactly in this position you see here! haha She is a hoot! But really though... when you get your girly parts taken out who wouldnt be "wo is me"!

After she started feeling better she had no problems getting back to her usualy "flirty" self. She and the boyfriend can often be found cuddling... i can't decide whether its cute or she is just a hussy! :)

Nick's masterpiece! Along with being the best loan guy in town (my opinion at least) he is also pretty handy in the kitchen! Those are from scratch folks... enough said!

Another Nick masterpiece! Valentines day dinner! Roses, chicken parmesean and heart shaped dinner rolls! I love him!

After complaining to friends that I have no tangible talents ;) I decided to get fancy and bake Nick a birthday suprise!!! Check out this most fabulous cake... honestly this was the best cake i have ever tasted! And super easy!

Yes those are kit kats around the outside!! Doesnt get much better than that!

The Big 25!!!! Dang babe your getting old!

Topped with tons of fruit! To aide in feeling a little less guilty while consuming this choco-holic delight!

As for me, i've been rocking out the semester and have officially finished my first year of clinical nursing school! Lets just say while hard, stressful, long, and tiresome I absolutely loved it!!! I was able to see two precious babies come into the world during my OB rotation. And developed relationships with about 15 of the coolest girls i've ever met in our Psychiatric rotation! It doesnt get much better than that!!!


Mike and Crystal said...

Oh my gosh...that cake looks so so delicious! Is it a chocolate cake surrounded by kit-kat bars with fruit to top it off? We are so going to make it! And congrats to Nick on graduating and getting a great job! Sounds like you guys are keeping busy and enjoying life- keep us updated :)

whitney said...

Wow, that cake is uber-impressive...as are the cinnammon rolls, and v-day dinner...can I come eat at your house?

Congrats on Nick's graduation and job and your school year!

whit said...

I can't wait until we get to try that cake. SEE!! WE ALL TOLD YOU THAT YOU HAVE TALENTS :)... you just need to take a break from your studying and use those talents! Welcome to the blogging world - now don't slack off anytime soon :)

Aubrey said...

Congratulations to Nick - so funny, that's exactly what I did. Major Finance, minor Accounting. I'm uber-impressed by both of your cooking skills. Carlin, not so much of a cook, but he can make a mean cinnamon roll.

I'm glad nursing school is going well - yay for both of you.

Coty said...

Gracious, sakes that cake looks delish!
And "What a Hubby" to prepare a valentine's day dinner like that! You guys have both got it made in the mate department...and in the job department too, Congrats to you both!
...so um, now that there's a secure job ahem, are ya jumping on the baby makin' wagon? lol lol. Keep us posted from now on!

Congrats again!